The Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railroad

April 22, 2009

The Cedar Point and Lake Erie Railroad (C.P. and L.E.) was opened in 1963 by George A. Roose, then president of Cedar Point, Inc. Although narrow guage steam engines were difficult to find, Roose searched the country, finally locating two engines (Maud L. and Albert). The duo of steamers was purchased and refurbished in time for the summer of 1963. Today, Cedar Point has six steam-powered locomotives and is one of the few amusement parks in the world that still uses real coal fired steam locomotives. Albert was once used to haul sugarcane deep in Louisiana, while Judy K., Myron H., Jennie K. and George R. were acquired separately from other parts of the country. The assortment of trains now makes its home in an old-fashioned engine house at Cedar Point where a full-time engineer personally cares for the antique beauties. The C.P. and L.E. Railroad is a traditional favorite for guests at the park. Last year alone, 1,453,133 guests rode the train. Nearly 105 million have rode since 1963! The 15-minute train excursion encompasses a two-mile trip over bridges and through a land of “Old West” animation. Guests must be at least 46 inches tall or accompanied by a responsible person to ride.

In 1992, a special honor was given to Judy Kinzel, the wife of Richard L. Kinzel, president and CEO of Cedar Fair, L.P., when the newly rebuilt Jack Foster engine was renamed Judy K. for her. In 1970, when the C.P. and L.E. Railroad was one of only two ways for guests to go to Frontiertown, the line of locomotives gave more than 4.5 million rides, the highest yearly ride total in Cedar Point history.

Cedar Point is the roller coaster capital of the world- it is in Sandusky, Ohio. For more information, go to the channel page of this video.

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