Ghostly Manor Ghouls Sink Their Teeth Into Another Top Ten Spot

October 06, 2009

Ghostly Manor
VIENNA, Ohio- October 5, 2009
Most people know Sandusky for its well-known amusement park, but members of the Darkride and Funhouse Enthusiasts (DAFE) know a secret. Sandusky is home to one of their favorite walkthrough attractions. As a matter of fact, Ghostly Manor has been on the top ten list for the last five years and in the top five for the last two years.

DAFE members know what they like, most of them have been all over the US searching the dark for interesting attractions and a few have gone as far as Japan looking for new thrills.

DAFE Director Rick Davis said “A few of our members discovered Ghostly Manor several years ago while visiting Cedar Point and were so impressed that they started telling their friends. Ghostly Manor hosted a DAFE event in 2007 and introduced more of our members to what lurks in the dark. Our survey results show that the Manor has become a ‘must do’ when in Sandusky.”

Davis pointed out that DAFE does not rank Halloween haunts which only appear for a short time in October. Davis said, “Our members are asked for their favorite amusement park and stand-alone attractions that operate full time or during the summer season.” He added that Ghostly Manor is one of the few ‘haunts’ that operated outside of the traditional Halloween season.

DAFE (pronounced “daffy”) annually polls its membership on various issues, the highlight of which is asking members to name their favorite dark attractions-walk through or ride through attractions related to funhouses and haunted houses-from around the world. This year approximately 150 full-time and summer seasonal attractions worldwide were nominated in the various categories. (Halloween seasonal attractions are not included in this survey.)

The Top Ten Favorite Darkrides- 2009

#10- Pirates of the Caribbean- Magic Kingdom- Orlando, FL
#9- Curse of DarKastle- Busch Gardens Europe- Williamsburg, VA
#8- Haunted House- Trimper’s Rides & Amusements- Ocean City, MD
#7- Haunted Mansion- Funland- Rehoboth, DE
#6- Amazing Adventures of Spiderman- Universal Islands of Adventure- Orlando, FL
#5- Whacky Shack- Waldameer- Erie, PA
#4- Twilight Zone Tower of Terror- Disney’s Hollywood Studios-Orlando, FL
#3- Ghostwood Estate- Kennywood Park- West Mifflin, PA
#2- Haunted Mansion- Magic Kingdom- Orlando, FL
#1- Haunted Mansion- Knoebels Amusement Resort- Elysburg, PA

The Top Ten Favorite Walkthrough Attractions- 2009

#10- Nightmares- Niagara Falls, Canada
#9- Ripley’s Haunted Adventure- Gatlinburg, TN
#8- Mysterious Mansion- Gatlinburg, TN
#7- Confusion Hill- Idlewild Park- Ligonier, PA
#6- Pirate’s Cove- Trimper’s Rides & Amusements- Ocean City, MD
#5- Funhouse- Jenkinsons Boardwalk- Point Pleasant, NJ
#4- Ghostly Manor- Sandusky, OH
#3- Pirate’s Cove- Waldameer Park- Erie, PA
#2- Frankenstein’s Castle- Indiana Beach- Monticello, IN
#1- Noah’s Ark- Kennywood Park- West Mifflin, PA

DAFE, which was founded October 31st, 2000, has over 300 members worldwide. DAFE’s Daffy Klub web site contains articles about dark attractions, club events, and a downloadable membership application.

For more information about DAFE and an explanation of terminology, please visit DAFE’s web site at or ask for a media kit.


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