Shores & Islands announces new itinerary builder tool

June 08, 2010

Planning your Lake Erie Shores & Islands vacation just got easier with the addition of the all-new Itinerary Builder on

The itinerary builder makes planning and sharing your vacation activities a breeze. Find places you want to visit during your stay throughout the website, and click on the ADD TO ITINERARY button to build your itinerary and view it on the map. Using the map (powered by Google maps) you are able to see what else is in the general area of the attraction you’ve just chosen. For example, suppose you add Ghostly Manor Thrill Center to your itinerary. Using the points on the map you can see that Goofy Golf is just down the street and add a stop there. You’ll also see that Amishland Meat & Cheese is in the same area, so you can add that to pick up some snacks.

And once you register on the builder, you will be able to save and share your itinerary on Facebook, email and mobile phone. Getting started is easy, just click here

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