Bird Enthusiasts Flock to The Biggest Week in American Birding!

February 22, 2011

Bird lovers in the midwest are already gearing up for The Biggest Week in American Birding, held Thursday, May 5 through Sunday, May 15.

The Biggest Week in American Birding is a popular birding event that takes place during the peak of spring warbler migration in the Lake Erie marsh region. The Biggest Week in American Birding is hosted by Black Swamp Bird Observatory, Tropical Birding, Kaufman Field Guides, Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge and Magee Marsh Wildlife Area.

Activities include: ID workshops, Woodcock extravaganzas to observe the extraordinary displays of these woodland shorebirds, daily “warbler workouts” on the Magee boardwalk, daily visits to the neighboring Ottawa NWR (a local hotspot for waterbirds), multiple evening talks, birding by ear workshops and a number of presentations on birding around the world. In addition, birding guru Kenn Kaufman will be holding talks on a variety of birding subjects over the nine nights of the festival, including programs that focus on migration, bird ID, shade-grown coffee and his personal journey from Kingbird Highway. Click here to view a detailed schedule of events.

Bird lovers should expect to see at least 20 warbler species every day, along with masses of thrushes, vireos, flycatchers, orioles, and other migrants in the woods; plus shorebirds and more in open areas. Click here for a list of species spotted in 2010.

Registration is open for The Biggest Week in American Birding.

See you in May!

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