In Fries we Trust...Happy National French Fries Day!

July 13, 2011

Nothing accompanies a burger or hot dog quite like French fries. Salty, sweet, curly, dipped in ranch or smothered with cheese, they are always a hit. Who is responsible for these golden strips of deliciousness? Most agree that they were invented by either the Belgians or the French.

Many Belgian people claim that the potato was first fried in the late 1700’s in the Meuse Valley. Belgians traditionally ate small fried fish however, when the rivers froze, it was difficult to get fish.  So instead of frying up fish, they cut potatoes in long thin slices, and fried them the same way they did the fish.

In France, the popularity of the potato is largely credited to a French army medical officer named Antoine-Augustine Parmentier. At the time, the French used potatoes for animal feed but never consumed them because they believed potatoes caused various diseases. While in prison in Prussia during the mid 1700’s, Parmentier was forced to cultivate and eat potatoes and quickly discovered the French notions about the potato were false. When he returned to France, he began advocating the potato as a possible food source.

Whatever the case, popularity spread and today French fries have become a staple in many American diets.

These savory delights are plentiful in the Lake Erie Shores & Islands. Be sure to check out Berardi’s Family Kitchen in Sandusky and Huron (or stop by one of their food trailers) famous for the original Cedar Point fries, Jolly Rogers in Port Clinton for their tasty waffle fries, Manny’s Sports Tavern & Grill – known for their fresh cut fries, Pink’s Hot Dogs at Cedar Point for a yummy helping of chili cheese fries, or the Thirsty Pony in Sandusky for a side of sweet potato fries!

Do you have a favorite place to satisfy your French fry craving in the Lake Erie Shores & Islands? Feel free to comment and share it with us. :)

Happy National French Fries Day!

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