Vermilion History Museum

727 Grand St.
Vermilion, OH 44089

East Shores

The Vermilion History Museum is situated in the heart of Vermilion's Harbour Town 1837 Historic District. From 1905-1964, a weekly newspaper was composed and printed here. All types of books, magazines, and signs were printed with its presses which are still on display today. Pearl Roscoe, owner, writer, and printer, also photographed the people and times of Vermilion from 1898-1946. His photographs and original printed materials are also on display. The museum houses two linotypes (c. 1915) and four letter presses: Stonemetz 2 Revolution Newspaper Press (c. 1919), Kelly Press (c. 1917), Chandler and Price 8in.x12in. Gordon Jobber Press (c. 1900), and Heidelberg Windmill Press (c. 1954). Open year-round.


Vermilion News Print Shop Museum
$1 off admission for each card holder.