Where can I find an experienced ice fishing guide in Ohio's Lake Erie Shores & Islands? 2018 Update

January 30, 2015

Ohio's Lake Erie Shores & Islands (Port Clinton, Ohio specifically) is known as the Walleye Capital of the World. Fishing enthusiasts know that some of the best walleye catches come from a hole cut through several feet of ice on a frozen Lake Erie. But don’t go it alone. Experienced fishing guides are available to teach you the ropes and assist with on-ice safety measures.

Ice Fishing Guides

Mainland Guides

Blake Calvert, Blake's Ice Fishing, 419.341.5509

Christopher Caputo, 724.977.0825, reelactionsportfishing.com

Timothy Caruthers, 440.474.2179, tnvcharters.com

Chuck Crum, 419.825.8265, chartomcharters.com

Shon Derr, 724.813.3499, epicicefishing.com

Fisherman's Wharf, 419.341.8701, wecatchfish.com

Jon Hershberger, 440.214.4080, eatemupcharters.com

Michael Knippenberg, 440.669.4441, bigeyezcharters.com

Santos Livas, 419.341.8550

Sam Livas, 419.265.3057, badinfluencecharters.com

Dennis Lowther, 419.656.8534

Jeff Meyers, 440.387.7676, fatboycharters.com

Tony Muscioni, Air1 Airboats, 419.366.8472, air1airboats.com

Charles Oeder, 419.541.1197, ohiosportfishing.com

Mike Patterson, 419.308.6925, mikessportfishing.com

Bennie Ricker, 330.289.3049

Gary Lee Smith, 330.808.3561

Joseph Snyder, 937.594.1308, fish-on-charters.com

Kevin Swartz, 517.672.0581, captainkevinslakeeriecharters.com

Kyle Weber, 419.565.8313, capthook.com

Robert Wilbur, 419.271.5238

Pat Winke, 419.250.2272, winkeguideservice.com

Island Guides

Joel Byer, Nacho Fish Charter, 419.656.4951, nachofish.com

Shawn Dages, 614.312.7649, put-in-bayiceguides.com

Jeff Jessep, 330.360.5106

Michael Petruska, 216.392.3543

Scott Straetz, 419.341.9721

Cory Wisniewski, 419.329.4079

Put-in-Bay Winter Lodging

Commodore Resort - 419.285.3101

Black Squirrel B&B – 419.285.7181

Kelleys Island Winter Lodging

Craft's Lakeview Lane - 419.746.2254, 419.656.4951

Dot's Place - 419.746.2986

Fox Den - 419.541.7099

Memory Manor - 419.656.4951

The Quarry - 937.298.9468, 937.609.6668

Transportation to the Islands

Erie-Ottawa International Airport - 419.734.6297, portclintonairport.com

Griffing Flying Service – 419.734.5400, griffingflyingservice.com

Island Air – 419.573.2960


More ice fishing information can be found at: wildlife.ohiodnr.gov/fishing/ice-fishing

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