#30DaysofThanks: 30 Things We “Lake Erie Love” About Lake Erie Shores & Islands

#30DaysofThanks: 30 Things We “Lake Erie Love” About Lake Erie Shores & Islands

November 10, 2015

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Lake Erie Shores & Islands invites you to join us in recognizing all the tremendous “gifts” our destination has to offer. Besides the obvious, top-of-mind attractions, our region is fortunate to have an astonishing number of people, places, and things that make it worth raving about. We want to acknowledge all of these gifts - we are so thankful for.

We are grateful to have Lake Erie and miles of scenic coastline to enjoy. Its beaches, scenic beauty and recreational opportunities are unquestionably a primary attraction, as well as a resource. Cedar Point, our world-class amusement park, brings people from all over the world to our communities, to vacation as well as work, and provides a full season of entertainment and enjoyment for all generations. The islands, as diverse as they are, provide an escape unlike any other, beginning with the cruise or flight from the mainland and ending with the smiles and social posts documenting the adventure. While some people conquer the islands in a day, others stay for a season; the same is true of Lakeside. Visitors return year-after-year for the inspirational lectures, diverse entertainment, and Chautauqua family setting.

With this in mind, Lake Erie Shores & Islands is posting a #30DaysofThanks social media tribute to express gratitude for 30 things we “Lake Erie Love” about our Shores & Islands region. Here's what we've posted so far:

November 1: the changing of the seasons
November 2: our varied artistic and cultural opportunities
November 3: the beautiful sunrises and sunsets on Lake Erie
November 4: indoor waterparks
November 5: beaches along Lake Erie
November 6: all the fantastic images that were submitted in our fall photo contest
November 7: new record-breaking thrills with Valravn at Cedar Point
November 8: being a popular birding destination
November 9: beacons of light – our beautiful Lake Erie lighthouses
November 10: family vacations and discounted lodging packages
November 11: groups who visit the area

With only 30 days to work with we can't feature every person, place, or thing, but you can help us round out the list by following along to see what we're sharing and in turn, tell us what you're thankful for. Use the hashtags #LakeErieLove and #30DaysofThanks and find our daily updates on Twitter: @ShoresIslandsOH; Facebook: Facebook.com/ShoresandIslands; or Instagram: @ShoresandIslands.

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