Lake Erie Like a Local: President and CEO of Lakeside, Kevin Sibbring

July 05, 2017

Lake Erie Shores & Islands recently chatted with President and CEO of Lakeside, Kevin Sibbring to see what he loves most about the region.

LES&I: What brought you to Lakeside originally? Were you born and raised, or attracted here for some reason?

I was first introduced to Lakeside by my wife, a lifelong Lakesider, in 1983. You could say I married into Lakeside and I'm thankful I did.

LES&I: What is your favorite thing about living and working in Lakeside? How about the Lake Erie Shores & Islands region in general? 

The people I get to work with, including staff and volunteers, as well as the natural scenery along Ohio’s Most Beautiful Mile. My favorite thing about the region is Lake Erie, the crown jewel of Ohio.

LES&I: Pizza or perch? (Do you have a favorite place for either?) 

I love a great perch sandwich but on a year-round basis, pizza is my staple. I've never been disappointed with any pizza place in the Lake Erie Shores and Islands region.

LES&I: What is your favorite annual festival or event at Lakeside? 

It would be a tie between the Lakeside Wooden Boat Show and Plein Air Art Festival in July and the Lakeside-Marblehead Lighthouse Festival in October.

LES&I: If you had friends visiting from out-of-town, where are some of the places or attractions you'd want to make sure you showed them? (both in Lakeside and in the neighboring region)

After a thorough tour of all that Lakeside has to offer, I'd take them to Magee Marsh and the Glacial Grooves so they could appreciate the many natural assets this region possesses, including Lake Erie, of course.

LES&I: What's your favorite area beach or park?

Chautauqua Park in Lakeside which has become sacred ground. I also enjoy the beaches at Bay Point and Magee Marsh.

LES&I: What is it about Lakeside, in your opinion, that makes families return year after year?

The intergenerational backdrop of Lakeside's Chautauqua program focused on Arts, Education, Religion and Recreation, Lakeside's beautiful setting, and our focus on family that has always been central to Lakeside's mission. There is no better for place in Ohio for families to visit than Lakeside.

LES&I: Any final thoughts or recommendations on how to enjoy Lake Erie “like a local”?

The one thing I'd encourage all visitors to do is just find a great seat or quiet location along the lake to take it all in and reflect on its beauty. Developing a personal connection to this amazing natural resource ensures that we never take it for granted.

About Kevin:

Kevin Sibbring became President and CEO of Lakeside Chautauqua, a non-profit organization, in January 2005 after a career in the electronic commerce software and services industry. Sibbring has served on the board of Lake Erie Shores & Islands and currently serves on the boards of the Lake Erie Foundation, Magruder Hospital, Chautauqua Trail and the Lakeside Chautauqua Foundation. Prior to joining Lakeside Chautauqua, he worked for Sterling Commerce, an IBM company, where he served as VP of Global Marketing. Kevin is a graduate of Vanderbilt University.

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