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One of the Midwest’s hottest vacation spots, the region between Toledo and Cleveland provides an eclectic mix of historically significant sites, family-fun amusements, gorgeous scenery, and outdoor recreation.

Welcome Center in Sandusky has a Remarkable History

Part of our Time Traveler Series There’s something intriguing about old buildings that draw you in. The history, the character, the stories embedded into the walls from generations of people who have walked the floor boards over the years. That’s why I, for one, was excited when Shores & Islands…

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Shores & Islands Ohio | Holiday Traditions

Part of our Time Traveler Series, this post was contributed to by both Angie George and Brian Shifflet, Shores & Islands Ohio Visitor Services Managers Christmas: For centuries, people around the world have held mid-December celebrations, but Christmas, as we know it in today’s America, wasn’t…

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Tribal | Shores & Islands Ohio

Part of our Time Traveler series As we recognize November as Native American Heritage Month and continue toward Thanksgiving, many may conjure the image of happy pilgrims and indigenous tribes dining and celebrating together. Like much of history, however, the reality of life between colonists and…

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Haunted Happenings | Shores & Islands Ohio

Welcome to October – officially Halloween season! Sure, there are lots of ways to get scared out of your gourd – Cedar Point’s HalloWeekends evening events have been doing an amazing job for a quarter of a century! Ghostly Manor’s Lake Eerie Fearfest offers maximum scares also, recently named one of…

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Group Tour’s Island Adventure

Sunshine and warm weather let us know summer is here and what better place to spend it than Shores & Islands Ohio? Groups of all sizes and ages can enjoy an island getaway right here on South Bass Island better known as Put-in-Bay – the village on the island. S&IO Social Media Manager, Dayton, and I…

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