Travel Update
Our partners strive to ensure that a trip to Lake Erie Shores & Islands is a fun and safe experience. To learn more about the cleanliness and wellness policies/procedures that are currently in place, please click here.


The group accounts team wants you and your group to feel welcome and comfortable before, during, and after the event. Whether you are a novice or expert planner, we are delighted to offer the following COMPLIMENTARY services.
Please contact Amanda Smith Rasnick to learn more and to take advantage of the services.

  • Invitation/Registration Mailings
    • Save money and let the enticement of our popular destination help increase your event attendance.
  • On-Site Assistance
    • Expedite registration for your attendees by allowing our staff to be an extension of yours.
  • RFP Coordination
    • Save time and let us send requests for lodging and/or transportation rates for your group.
  • Destination Concierge
    • o Provide local destination information customized for your attendee’s interests.
  • Itinerary Customization
    • o Earn praise by providing a uniquely tailored itinerary for your group.
  • Promotion Support
    • Use Shores & Islands' images, video, and media contacts to promote your event.
  • Volunteer Requests
    • Deliver an outstanding experience for your participants by having ample help and service during your event.
  • Local Suppliers
    • Share local culture, entertainment, foods, and products with your attendees by working with local artists and vendors.