Find Out What Lake Erie Has To Offer!

Events, Restaurants, Things To Do, and More!

While you are planning your Lake Erie vacation, here are some ideas to perfect your experience!

Discover exciting upcoming events such as festivals, concerts & live music, sporting events, or other local events in northwest Ohio during your next trip to Shores & Islands Ohio.

Enjoy delicious dining options, authentic cuisine and local favorites. Discover some of the best places to eat at our countless foodie destinations located across the Shores & Islands Ohio region.

What else is there to do? Enjoy anything from from relaxing on the beach, to roller coaster free-falls and everything in between, we're Ohio's recreation destination.

While you're here, did you know Shores & Islands Ohio hosts a variety of sporting events at our numerous indoor and outdoor venues? Check out the many options here

Find amazing events, enjoy the great food, check out other attractions, and see what Shores & Islands Ohio has to offer!