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Lake Erie Islands Water Trail - North Bass Island Trail

Lake Erie Islands Water Trail - North Bass Island Trail

Lake Erie Islands Water Trail - North Bass Island Trail

Access Points: North Bass Island State Park (south, north, and east), Fox's Marsh Wildlife Area , Honey Point Wildlife Area
North Bass Island, OH 43436

Middle Bass Island

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North Bass Island, or Isle St. George, is less than two miles from the Canadian border. This makes North Bass Island an important American stop for countless migrating birds island-hopping across the lake. Most of the island sis owned by the State of Ohio and remains agricultural or undeveloped. The trail starts with a paddle west from the North Bass Island State Park main dock, the only area on the island with facilities. Fox/s Marsh State Wildlife Area is one of few natural coastal wetlands remaining on the islands. The marsh comes within a few feet of Lake Erie at Manila Bay, open to the lake during high-water years. As you paddle to the north along the low rocky shoreline, you will see evidence of viticulture and commercial fishing which once dominated. North Bass Island State Park offers two access points to the north and east. Miles of undeveloped shoreline are important habitat for the state-threatened Lake Erie Watersnake. Honey Point Wildlife Area offers a sand beach and a small wetland area for wildlife watching. There is no ferry to North Bass Island, only airplane, personal, or chartered boats. There is also no protection from wind and waves on the one-mile trip from adjacent Middle Bass Island, so the crossing is suitable only for experienced Lake Erie paddlers. Primitive camping on the island is permitted with a special permit. Total trail length: 5.2 mi.

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