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Lake Erie Islands Water Trail - South Bass Island Trail

Lake Erie Islands Water Trail - South Bass Island Trail

Lake Erie Islands Water Trail - South Bass Island Trail

Access Points: South Bass Island SP, W. Shore Ice Ramp, Oak Point SP, Village Public Boat Launch, Massie Cliffside Preserve, Scheeff East Point Nature Preserve, Village Beach, Port Authority Access
Put-in-Bay, OH 43456


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South Bass Island is the most visited of all the Lake Erie Islands and offers a wide variety of activities for everyone to enjoy. Start your paddle along the cliffs at the South Bass Island State Park, once the site of the Hotel Victory. Caution: the West Shore Ice Ramp South is steep, rocky and slippery. As you round Peach Point, you'll find Oak Point State Park. Visit the Aquatic Visitors Center, or look across to Gibraltar Island and Stone Lab, part of The Ohio State University. The island is closed to visitors, but you can paddle around the shoreline. On the north side is a beautiful rock arch. The Village of Put-in-Bay Public Boat Launch is close to food and shopping. There is heavy boat and ferry traffic in the harbor during the summer. The Massie Cliffside Preserve offers eleven acres of cliffs, woodlands, trail system, and a dock. Scheeff East Point Nature Preserves North and East have eight acres of lakefront preserve with a trail. Watch for shallow conditions as you round private Buckeye Island. The Village Bathing Beach offers a sandy place to stop and visit. The 352-foot granite column is Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial which commemorates the 1813 Battle of Lake Erie as well as the lasting peace between Canada and the United States. Further south there is a small access site on the S. E. side of the island near the airport. Use caution when paddling past the Miller Ferry Dock as you round the SW end of the island to view the South Bass Island Lighthouse built in 1897. Total trail length: 10.5 mi.

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