Published July 2020

Travel writers, bloggers, and social media influencers literally travel for a living. It is their job to visit travel destinations and scope out the best attractions and the coolest experiences. Many of these seasoned professionals have visited the Shores & Islands region over the years and they have lots to share. So, don’t take our word for it – check out what the experts are saying about Ohio’s Lake Erie Shores & Islands! Click on the publication name to read the whole article.

Lake Erie Shores & Islands is Great for Families

“Get off the mainland and spend the day on the island at Put-in-Bay…Once on the island, grab a golf cart, then explore! Sneak in a history lesson at Perry’s Victory & International Peace Memorial. Families can spend hours at Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center...” – Chicago Parent, July 2020

“I think what struck me the most about traveling the Cheers Trail recently was how family-friendly most of the stops are. Whether it's lawn games for the kids or dog-friendly outdoor spaces, this isn't something that's reserved just for adults.” – A Dangerous Business, August 2019

“There is an old-fashioned summer resort feeling on the islands. Few cars, no traffic, time to slow down and step back to a simpler time — perfect for families. These islands have become Ohio’s summer playground.” – Western New York Family, April 2019

“I grew up in Ohio, going to Cedar Point — the roller coaster capital of the world on Lake Erie Shores and Islands! But, there are so many more things to do…There are tons of attractions in Sandusky, Ohio that make vacationing here with kids and teens a great idea!” – Family Travels on a Budget, August 2018

“Put-in-Bay can make for a lovely weekend getaway or a great week’s vacation. It’s a nice choice for families or couples, and it can be as loud or as quiet, busy or laid-back as you’d like. What’s more, it’s largely unknown outside the Midwest, so it stands as a great new place to discover for much of the rest of the country—and it comes highly recommended from our family.” – Travel Pulse, October 2018


Lake Erie Shores & Islands is Great for Couples

“Walking along a beach is very romantic. Happily, the Sandusky region has plenty of walkable beach and shoreline. If it’s theme park season, Cedar Point actually has its own beach, which I really dig. Another option is Sheldon Marsh Nature Preserve. You’ll have to park your car and walk a bit, but the viewing areas and immersion with wildlife are worth it.” – Sand and Snow…and Everywhere in Between, November 2019 

“I’ve always loved Vermilion. Maybe because it reminds me of the cute, idyllic towns in the New England states that I see photos of, or maybe it’s simply for the water views that I adore.  One of the highlights of Vermilion is the historic downtown that features an eclectic mix of shops waiting to be explored…” – Travel Inspired Living, November 2019

“Camp, hike or just spend a day at Kelleys Island State Park, one of Ohio’s most beautiful state parks. My husband and I camped here when we were newlyweds and had so much fun biking and hiking around the island, and drinking wine overlooking the lake as the sun set…” – Annie Wears It, September 2019

“Sandusky is a quick drive from Columbus, and after spending some time there I have no idea why I waited so long to visit. From the gorgeous wineries to delicious food, Sandusky makes for the perfect Ohio weekend getaway!” – Vino in the Village, July 2019

Lake Erie Shores & Islands is Great for Friends

“From an adult arcade (Noble Pins) and throwing axes (Noble Axes) to shopping local and eating amazing food, Marketplace at the Cooke has it all. My favorite part about this location was all the local history found on the walls. You could easily spend a whole day here with your friends.” – City Surge, December 2019

“…Sandusky is a versatile destination for a mid-week vacation. Shopping, restaurants, museums, and, of course, one of the world’s top amusement parks can all be found in this lakeside city. Visiting during mid-week means less crowds, lower prices, and maximizing your vacation time.” – Wagon Pilot Adventures, October 2019


“Put-in- Bay in Ohio is a top vacation spot in the Midwest. This island offers visitors an opportunity to connect with nature. When is the last time you thought of booking an outdoor, island experience in Ohio? My guess is that you have never considered doing so. This island is one of America’s most beautiful, adventure-filled vacation destinations.” – Travel with Sara, September 2019

“Outdoorsy types will love the laidback vibe of Kelleys Island, just a short ferry ride from Marblehead. You can bring a car, but doesn’t renting a golf cart or bicycle sound more fun? Be sure to check out the Glacial Grooves, formed by the movement of ice across limestone around 20,000 years ago. These are the largest, most accessible example of this geological phenomenon anywhere in the world!” – Samantha Brown’s Places to Love, September 2019

“I joined several of my girlfriends from college on an unforgettable girlfriend getaway in Sandusky. You might not think of Sandusky as a typical destination for a weekend away but we found so many ways to take our adventures to the extreme with a good mix of downtime in between.” – Adventure Mom, October 2017

Lake Erie Shores & Islands is Great for Groups

“Visitors to Ohio’s Lake Erie Shores & Islands have a wealth of reasons to visit...The town of Put-in-Bay on the southernmost of the Bass Islands offers kayaking through limestone cliffs, cycling, hiking, spelunking in the world’s largest geode at Crystal Cave, charter fishing, parasailing and much more.” – Group Tour Magazine, May 2020

“If beautiful beaches, picturesque lighthouses, island hopping and water sports are high on your to-do list, the North Shores of Lake Erie are a destination you shouldn’t miss. Port Clinton and Marblehead offer everything from group fishing expeditions and sailing adventures to quick ferry passage to Ohio’s beautiful Lake Erie islands.” – Group Travel Leader, February 2020 deb0ff86-e37e-4ac3-8bb9-e6ae948994dc_Photo%20Nov%2026%2C%207%2016%2059%20AM%281%29

“A multitude of entertaining evening experiences await groups meeting in Ohio when time doesn’t allow for a fun add-on event during business hours. At the end of a day filled with back-to-back meetings, groups can tap into everything from local craft brew scenes to team-bonding activities such as axe-throwing and shuffleboard.” – Meetings Today, March 2019