The Shores & Islands Ohio team wants you and your group to feel welcome and comfortable before, during, and after the event. Whether you are a novice or expert planner, we are delighted to offer the following complimentary services.

  • Site Inspection Assistance
  • Group Welcomes
  • Invitation/Registration Mailings
    • Save money and let the enticement of our popular destination help increase your event attendance.
  • On-Site Assistance
    • Expedite registration for your attendees by allowing our staff to be an extension of yours.
  • RFP Coordination
    • Save time and let us send requests for lodging and/or transportation rates for your group.
  • Destination Concierge
    • Provide local destination information customized for your attendee’s interests.
  • Itinerary Customization
    • Earn praise by providing a uniquely tailored itinerary for your group.
  • Promotional Support
    • Use Shores & Islands' images, video, and media contacts to promote your event.
  • Volunteer Requests
    • Deliver an outstanding experience for your participants by having ample help and service during your event.
  • Referrals to Local Suppliers and Services
    • Share local culture, entertainment, foods, and products with your attendees by working with local artists and vendors.