Spring time in Ohio is for the birds! Hundreds of birding enthusiasts grab their binoculars and head for the outdoors to catch a peek of the visiting migrants. The Lake Erie Shores & Islands region in Northwest Ohio offers some of the best birding in North America during this time. Popular species include warblers, shorebirds, waterbirds, bald eagles, herons and more. Below are the top 6 birding hot spots in Lake Erie Shores & Islands:

East Harbor State Park
1169 N. Buck Rd., Marblehead
419.734.4424 or 866.644.6727
With its scenic wetlands, nature enthusiasts are sure to catch a glimpse of ducks, geese, gulls, terns and other migratory waterfowl.

Kelleys Island
An abundance of nature trails provides a great environment for warblers, ducks, sparrows, raptors, herons, shorebirds, and more.

Magee Marsh Wildlife Area
13229 W. SR 2, Oak Harbor
This is one of the best places in Ohio to witness the spring migration of neotropical birds. Here you will find an abundance of warblers, orioles, thrushes, vireos, flycatchers and raptors.

Old Woman Creek National Estuarine Research Reserve
2514 Cleveland Rd. E, Huron
This is one of the Great Lakes’ best remaining natural estuaries. The area attracts waterfowl, wading birds and neotropical migrants.

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge
14000 W. SR 2, Oak Harbor
More than 300 species have been sighted in past years, including warblers, ducks, trumpeter swans, bald eagles, shorebirds, and raptors.

Sheldon Marsh State Nature Preserve
2715 Cleveland Rd. W, Huron
This diverse habitat offers unusual species such as the golden-winged warbler and the more common ducks and shorebirds.

These are only a few of the hotspots in the Lake Erie Shores & Islands. Click here for a complete list of birding opportunities.