This path width is determined by several factors, including the distances between the Earth, Moon, and Sun at the time of the eclipse, as well as the relative apparent sizes of the Moon and Sun as viewed from Earth.

During a solar eclipse, the Moon casts two types of shadows on the Earth: the penumbra, where a partial eclipse is visible, and the much narrower umbra, where the total eclipse can be seen. The maximum width of the umbra is what determines the width of the path of totality.

The exact width and the path it takes over the Earth's surface vary with each eclipse, depending on the geometry of the Sun, Earth, and Moon at the time of the eclipse. The closer the Moon is to Earth in its elliptical orbit (perigee), the larger its shadow can be, potentially making the path of totality wider. Conversely, when the Moon is further away (apogee), its shadow can be smaller, leading to a narrower path of totality.

Eclipses where the path of totality is at its widest tend to occur when the Moon is near perigee, and the eclipse occurs near the equator, where the Earth's curvature doesn't narrow the shadow as quickly as it would at higher latitudes.

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2024 Total Solar Eclipse
in Ohio

Get ready for a blackout you will never forget! On April 8, 2024, the moon will completely block out the sun for a rare total solar eclipse. Due to our global position directly in the path of totality, our communities in and around Shores & Islands Ohio will enjoy incredible, unobstructed viewing times of approximately four minutes—one of the longest durations in the entire region! The last total solar eclipse visible in Ohio was in 1806. The next total solar eclipse in Ohio will be in the year 2099.

The eclipse might be over in a flash, but the celebrations, viewing parties and events throughout our area will last for days…and the memories will last a lifetime. Don’t be left in the dark, book your stay today!!

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Out-of-this-World Events

2024 Total Solar Eclipse in Ohio

Shoot for the moon and experience one of the many public events, festivals, and viewing parties celebrating the 2024 total solar eclipse across our communities. From Sandusky to Port Clinton to Put-in-Bay, we’re hosting parties that will last long after the shades have come off.

Keep checking for a more comprehensive list as we get closer to the eclipse. But don’t wait for the planets to align, make your reservations at one of our area hotels today and make sure you don’t miss a moment of the fun!

Shores & Islands Ohio has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of information in the events calendar. We recommend contacting the event venue or organizer for details on the current status of the event.

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We’re bringing new meaning to “room with a view.” Stay at one of our area hotels or lodging accommodations and ensure you and yours are right where you’ll get the best view of the eclipse…and access to the many activities and events surrounding it. Rooms are filling up fast. Make your reservations today!

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