Sleek Redesign Makes Destination’s Online Presence More Appealing

SHORES & ISLANDS, OHIO, October 25, 2022 --- Shores & Islands Ohio, the destination marketing organization for Erie and Ottawa counties, Ohio has recently launched a redesigned website. The region which features such locations as Sandusky, Cedar Point, Put-in-Bay, and more, is known for its exciting attractions, vibrant communities, and a variety of activities which combined make for an amazing travel destination. And now, the destination’s online presence is as dynamic as the destination itself.

Launched in September, features an updated brand look – the organization introduced a name change to Shores & Islands Ohio earlier this year. The new website utilizes a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system designed by Simpleview – a digital marketing agency which specializes in services for destination marketing organizations.

The redesigned website will now serve personalized, dynamic web content based on the user’s interests. It features updated visual imagery and videos to serve as an inspirational element throughout the site, targeted messaging, and encourages visits based on season and activities. The destination’s best and most important content is now front-and-center for online users and the hope is that it will drive them deeper into the website. A new sitemap experience and web accessibility platform make it easy for users to quickly find what they are looking for.

Shores & Islands Ohio was already utilizing Simpleview’s CMS (Customer Management System) platform for data organization. This seamless integration between the CMS and the CRM will help streamline the process of updating online information and even allows for the organization’s business partners to update their own information and content utilizing a Partner Extranet.

The new design focuses the site’s content on storytelling, bringing blog posts, itinerary ideas, and event information front-and-center and celebrates the area as not just a place, but the feeling one gets when visiting, living, or working within the region’s diverse communities. The website is now more easily managed in-house, rather than through an off-site agency, and the organization is able to easily swap out content, imagery, and video in accordance with the season.

Leisure travelers, meeting planners, sports event organizers (and sports traveling families) now have a more thorough resource to use when planning visits to Shores & Islands Ohio. The brand is brought to life online with a fun and relaxed approach, but the website is also filled with important information such as lodging, dining, and activity options and the new Listings Pro implementation allows viewers to view listings either in list form or on a grid and they have the ability to filter and/or categorize content for an improved user experience. Business listings come to life with a variety of images and even virtual site tours.

“We are very excited to roll out this redesign to,” said Christopher Lewis, Shores & Islands Ohio Director of Marketing and Sales. “We think our guests and business partners will be pleased with the updates and the many ways we now have to inspire overnight visits to our destination. We are proud of the partnership and collaboration between our organization and Simpleview, who worked together to bring this new site to fruition.”

Shores & Islands Ohio is a year-round destination and hopes potential guests will utilize the updated website when planning getaways, reunions, business travel, family travel, and more. Visit to see the improvements, find things to do in the region, and be inspired today.