Barn Quilt Trail

Have you ever spotted an unusual painting on the side of a barn and wondered what it was? If it looked like a brightly painted square, similar to a quilt block pattern, you saw a barn quilt. Barn quilts began as a way to honor a loved one with a piece of folk art. Today, you can find barn quilts in numerous rural locations, scattered throughout the bucolic landscape. The Ottawa County Barn Quilt Trail invites you to discover more than 20 beautiful pieces of art, painted by local artists and affixed to the side of several barns in Ottawa County, Ohio. This driving trail includes a fairground and a wildlife refuge, but most of the quilts are on private property and are best viewed from the road. So, set out for a leisurely ride throughout the area’s back roads and discover a world of amazing folk art painted between 2017 and 2020. Here’s where you can find barn quilts, as well as the artist and the sponsor:


1. The Four Sisters
Painters: The Textor family
Sponsors: Bob & Annette Textor
Bob & Annette Textor Barn
6725 N. Billman Rd.


2. 54-40 or Fight
Painters: OSU Extension staff
Sponsors: OSU Extension staff
Robert Booher Barn
3320 N. Lickert Harder Rd.

3. My Four Sons and
4. Mariner’s Compass

Painter: Mary Wood
Sponsors: Richard & Mary Wood
Richard & Mary Wood Barn
17405 W. Elliston East West

5. Sampler Square
Painter: Rhonda Biedlingmaier
Sponsor: Whipple Farms
Jerry Whipple Barn
3988 N. Lickert Harder Rd.

6. Star of Many Colors
Painter: Rhonda Biedlingmaier
Sponsors: Paul & Connie Sandwisch
Paul & Connie Sandwisch Barn
17402 W. SR 163


7. Wild Iris
Painter: Rhonda Biedlingmaier
Sponsor: PC Artist Club
Bill & Nancy Kihlken Barn
7275 E. Bayshore Rd.


8. Morning Blossom
Painter: Mary Wood
Sponsors: Steve Lange &
Alice Godsey
Tony & Ann Valasek Barn
2100 N. Opfer-Lentz Rd.

9. Rings and Things
Painters: Ohio Star Quilters
Sponsor: GPCAAC
Alan & Kim Diefenthaler Barn
5805 N. Elliston Trowbridge


10. Double Square
Painter: Rhonda Biedlingmaier
Sponsor: Shirley Beck
Shirley Beck Barn
8601 W. Mudcreek Rd.

11. Friendship Star
Painter: Rhonda Biedlingmaier
Sponsor: The Brough Family
Creek Farms, Ed & Judy Dewitz
10375 W. Genzman Rd.

12. Harvest Star
Painter: Rhonda Biedlingmaier
Sponsor: Mary Caracci
Blakely Barn
2608 N. Toussaint Portage

13. Ohio Star
Painter: Rhonda Biedlingmaier
Sponsor: Portage Mohawks 4-H Club
Randy Miller Barn
2794 S. SR 19

14. Ohio Star w/ Flying Geese
Painter: Rhonda Biedlingmaier
Sponsors: Ron & Jan Overmyer
Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge
14000 W. SR 2

15. Stars in the Attic
Painters: 4-H Jr. Leadership Club
Sponsor: Ottawa Co. 4-H
Fairgrounds (Damschroder Barn)
7870 W. SR 163

16. Three in One
Painter: Rhonda Biedlingmaier
Sponsor: Shirley Beck
Shirley Beck Barn
2375 S. SR 19

17. Wedding Ring
Painters: Carroll & Company,
4-H Club
Sponsors: Mensing Family/
Ottawa Co. 4-H
Mark & Amy Apple Barn
2325 N. Benton Carroll Rd.


18. Egg Basket
Painters: Andrea Castillo Wells,
Shannon Griffin Castillo & Art Castillo
Sponsor: Gloria Castillo
Art Castillo Barn
5791 W. Fremont Rd. (SR 163)

19. Four Winds
Painter: Rhonda Biedlingmaier
Sponsors: Jim & Molly Sass
Jim & Molly Sass Barn
2435 E. Harbor Rd. (SR 163)

20. Labyrinth Star
Painter: Rhonda Biedlingmaier
Sponsor: Port Clinton Rotary Club
Ann and Jeff Scott Barn
1355 N. Carroll Erie Rd.

21. Mariner’s Compass
Painter: Rhonda Biedlingmaier
Sponsor: R.J. Runge Company Inc.
NEC Properties Inc.
3539 N.E. Catawba Rd. (SR 163)

22. Voiliers
Painters: Country Slickers 4-H Club
Sponsors: Chet’s Place/
Mary Provonsha
Chet’s Place Barn
7150 W. Harbor Rd. (SR 163)

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