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Shores & Islands Ohio 2023 Annual Report

As was the case the past two years coming out of Covid, 2023 was another strong year for our region’s tourism industry. Although not as pronounced when comparing metrics from 2022 to 2021, lodging tax; sales tax; overall room occupancy; and room rates were up over last year. Where we realized significant increases in 2023 vs. 2022 was with metrics associated with engagement with visitors and prospective visitors. Download


Shores & Islands Ohio 2022 Annual Report

2022 was a strong year for our region’s tourism industry with lodging tax, sales tax, overall room occupancy, and many other metrics up over 2021.  It was also another year of transition for our organization. We started the year as Lake Erie Shores & Islands and in late March unveiled our new logo and destination name: Shores & Islands Ohio. Download


Lake Erie Tourism Economic Impact

Lake Erie is a natural resource that is a vital component of Ohio’s economy. The quality-of-life contributions that result from its recreational use cannot be measured in dollars, however there are many statistics that point to the economic value of its waters. Download


Shores & Islands Ohio 2021 Annual Report

2021 was a year of dramatic rebound. Visitors came back not only to near normal levels, but in many cases at levels never before experienced. Read in our 2021 Annual Report how Shores & Islands tracked success in marketing metrics and major structural initiatives for the organization. Download.


Economic Impact of Tourism 2021 Fact Sheet

Facts and figures page based on the Tourism Economics 2021 Ohio Visitor Economy Report for Erie and Ottawa counties. Download


Lake Erie Shores & Islands Economic Impact Overview 2021

Lake Erie Shores & Islands is the name for both a region in north central Ohio as well as the corporate name for our destination marketing organization. The region is essentially two counties, Erie and Ottawa. Together, this is one of the most visited leisure destinations in the state with estimated annual visits of 12 million. Based on 2021 data from Tourism Economics, the annual economic impact of tourism in our region is $2.65 Billion with 14,008 tourism jobs, and annual tax impact of $354 million. Download.


Ohio Division of Wildlife 2021 Report

Ohio Division of Wildlife's 2021 featured accomplishments and 2022 initiatives Download.


Despite Pandemic-Related Impact, Tourism Continues Driving Economic Impact for Shores & Islands Region

A wide variety of world-class activities, attractions, restaurants, overnight accommodations and more, combined with many factors related to travel habits during the pandemic helped sustain our region’s tourism industry in 2020 despite negative impact related to the pandemic. Download.


2020 Lake Erie Shores & Islands Annual Report

Annual report detailing marketing and organizational activities for Ohio's Lake Erie Shores & Islands in 2020. Download.


Ohio Boating Fact Sheet 2020

Infographic about recreational boating in Ohio put together by the National Marine Manufacturers Association. Download.


Tourism Drives Economic Progress for Shores & Islands Region

A wide variety of world-class activities, attractions, restaurants, overnight accommodations and more, combined with the marketing power of those businesses and Lake Erie Shores & Islands, helped drive the tourism industry to new economic heights last year. The Lake Erie Shores & Islands region attracts an estimated 11 million visitors each year to the region. Download.


2019 Lake Erie Shores & Islands Annual Report

An overview of activities and stats for Ohio's Lake Erie Shores & Islands for the 2019 travel year. Download.


State of Tourism: An Overview of 2018

Lake Erie Shores & Islands, the destination marketing organization for Erie and Ottawa counties, held its 2018 State of Tourism Address April 4, 2019 at the Catawba Island Club. During the event, 2018 promotional and advertising campaign highlights as well as travel and tourism statistics were shared by Lake Erie Shores & Islands President, Larry Fletcher. Download.


Ohio Department of Development Erie County Profile

General demographic information about Erie County, Ohio from the Ohio Department of Development, prepared by the Office of Policy, Research and Strategic Planning. Download.